About Us

Celebrate life with CB Bistro

“CB Bistro” is a weekend concept designed by Catering’s Best, a longstanding catering company based in Orlando, FL. Our flexible space serves as a: 

  • Live music venue 
  • Restaurant
  • An event space
  • A kitchen facility serving over 2,000 people per week through other client contracts. 

More importantly, CB Bistro serves as the backdrop to many of life’s celebrations.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Over 40 Years of Experience

Catering’s Best is a local family owned business. We take pride in providing the freshest dining program available in Central Florida at affordable prices. Our commitment is to developing flavorful, nutritious dishes using ingredients that are minimally processed; with no added sugars, hormones or antibiotics.

Executive Chef

George Ashford puts his skills on display

George Ashford, will be responsible for all food production. Duties will include developing menus, food purchase, developing and monitoring food and labor costs; while maintaining the highest professional food quality and sanitation standards.


Our Food is a Science

Ricardo McQueen, owner of Food, Health & Environmental Safety Laboratory Services, Ltd. is our staff microbiologist. Mr. McQueen will oversee Catering’s Best full compliance with all applicable federal, state and county safety standards. He will also monitor adherence to HACCP standards and employee training in food handling, safety and infectious disease control.

Operations Manager:

Santiago Gomez is the operations manager for Catering’s Best and maintains off-site locations to ensure product consistency and professionalism among staff members. Santiago handles daily tasks related to scheduling, inventory management, and contractual fulfillment. 

Kitchen Manager:

Demetrise Poole is a licensed food handler and is responsible for our overall daily kitchen activity. Mr. Poole hires staff, purchases food and makes sure staff are trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques. He ensures that Catering’s Best standards are upheld.

Welcome to CB Bistro, Orlando Catering and Live Music Home. To keep our experience intimate and at a safe distance, CB Bistro requires reservations. You may call or text 321-229-5786 to book a table. Please note there is a $10 entertainment cover charge.

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